“The after Joya Effect” Exhibition

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After its great success, we are happily heading to the third edition of “The after Joya Effect” Exhibition. More than 50 Greek and International Artists had shown their work in our gallery, taking part in 7 Solo and 2 Group Exhibitions!!

Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, sited in the historical center of Athens, aims to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.

This year, 33 selected artists from 16 different countries, are called to participate in the project, with the work shown in Joya Barcelona, Jewelry Art Fair, the previous year.

During the event, once again, the public, will vote for their favorite artist, who will be invited for a Solo exhibition at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space.

Opening: Friday 1st July 2016 @ 20.00
Curated by: Erato Kouloubi

Participating Artists:

Rodrigo Acosta – Argentina
Jordi Aparicio – Spain
Mihai Basoiu – Romania
Isabelle Busnel – France
Alina Carp – Romania
Sébastien Carré – France
Jamie Chung – South Korea
Florence Croisier – France
Marie-Eve Castonguay – Canada
Aggelika Diplari – Greece
Gili Doliner – Israel
Katerina Glyka – Greece
Steffi Götze – Germany
Akis Goumas – Greece
Dora Haralambaki – Greece
Amira Jalet – Costa Rica
Christine Jalio – Finland
Erato Kouloubi – Greece
Michelle Kraemer – Luxenbourg
Mia Kwon – South Korea
Boky Lee – South Korea
Nina Lima – Brasil
Gigi Mariani – Italy
Jose Marin – Spain
Viktoria Münzker – Austria
Yannick Mur – France
Liana Pattihis – U.K
Inbar Shahak – Israel
Niki Stylianou – Greece
Katja Toporski – Germany
ZetaTsermou – Greece
Artemis Valsamaki – Greece
Yiota Vogli – Greece


Jee Hye Kwon

The jewelry designer Jee Hye Kwon, winner of the public award of the exhibition “The After Joya Effect II – 6000 Fragments / The Floating Islands” @ Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, comes from New York in order to present her collections of recent years.


H σχεδιάστρια κοσμημάτων Jee Hye Kwon, κερδίζοντας το βραβείο κοινού στην έκθεση “The After Joya Effect II / 6000 Fragments – The Floating Islands” στο Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, έρχεται από την Ν. Υόρκη με σκοπό να παρουσιάσει συλλογές των τελευταίων ετών.

“Χρησιμοποιώντας το κόσμημα ως μέσο, στόχος μου είναι να εκφράσω, την πυκνότητα και την πολυπλοκότητα των ανθρώπινων εμπειριών, μέσααπό διαφορετικές οπτικές γωνίες του αρχιτεκτονικού χώρου, διατηρώντας παράλληλα την αίσθηση της ελαφρότητας, της ευελιξίας και της διαφάνειας.”

Anna Krol / Gili Doliner Two Stories – Jewelry Exhibition


Two jewelry artists share a common space to tell their own story.
Two sensitive worlds, full of creatures and secrets,
hidden behind Gili’s small emotional machines and
Anna’s unconventional forms.

8 April – 24 April 2016
Popeye Loves Olive – Art Space

Photo Credits: George Economopoulos



15 Greek jewelry designers confabulate with the Mexican artist Jorge Manilla by taking, as an inspiration, a piece of his work and making their own interpretation.

Participating Artists:
Kalliopi Andrikopoulou
Kelly Arnaoutaki
Katerina Glyka
Xenia Deimezi
Angelika Diplari
Victoria Ioannidou
Erato Kouloubi
Vally Kontidis
Maria Koutmani
Ioanna Natsikou
Yakinthi Oikonomou
Antria Prasinou
Niki Stylianou
Yannis Tsalapatis
Iryna Voitenko

Photo Credits: Alexis Kamitsos

Connecting Memories


Connecting Memories – Object Exhibition
“Κάπου μέσα στον χρόνο έχουμε χάσει την επαφή με τις ρίζες μας. Κατακτήσαμε το σύμπαν αλλά βρισκόμαστε στο σκοτάδι όταν ερχόμαστε αντιμέτωποι με το παρελθόν.
Ενώ νιώθουμε μια περίεργη σύνδεση με κάποια αντικείμενα, μας είναι δύσκολο να ερμηνεύσουμε από που προέρχεται.
Είναι σαν να εχουν εντυπωθεί κάπου βαθιά στο DNA μας και δε θυμόμαστε το γιατί. Το Connecting Memories είναι μια ιδέα (project) που υλοποιούμε για την αναζήτηση της σχέσης του ανθρώπου με τα αντικείμενα και την ύλη.”

Συνδέοντας αρχέγονα υλικά όπως αυγά στρουθοκάμηλου, καρύδες και πολύτιμες πέτρες με μοντέρνα όπως τιτάνιο, ασήμι, χαλκό, γυαλί και ακρυλικά σε αντικείμενα καθημερινής χρήσης, ο σχεδιαστής κοσμημάτων Αχιλλέας Γεωργιάδης και η Άννα Σαράντογλου από το Jove jewellery art προσπαθούν να συνδέσουν αυτές τις μνήμες με το παρόν.

“Somewhere along the line we lost touch with our origins. We have conquered space yet we are in the dark when it comes to our past. Yet, we feel a strange connection with certain objects on a subconscious level, which is hard to explain. It is as if these objects are imprinted in our DNA but we can’t remember why.”

By combining primitive materials such as ostrich eggs, coconuts and minerals; with modern ones, such as titanium, silver, copper, glass and acrylics into everyday objects; jewelry artists Achilleas Georgiadis and Anna Sarantoglou of JOVE jewelry art, attempt to connect our collective memories with the present.


The After Joya Effect II


The after Joya Effect – Jewelry Fusion is an Exhibition that took place for the first time at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space that aimed to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing. It was inspired by the jewelry exchange in Project01 that held in Joya / Jewelry Art Fair Barcelona 2013.
From 23/04/2014 – 30/06/2014, the project evolved in five solo exhibitions of Greek artists and one group exhibition of thirty five International artists.
This year, every participating artist created a unique (unreleased) piece, inspired by the 6000 Fragments – The Floating Islands project.
During the event, once again, the public will vote for their favorite artist, who will be invited for a solo exhibition at Popeye loves Olive.
6000 Fragments – The Floating IslandsIn Greece, there are 6,000 islands, islets and rocks. These holy seascapes connect spiritually, mentally and materially their inhabitants through the images that feed the senses.

The five basic human physical senses are; touch, henceforth, smell, taste and vision. These senses undoubtedly form the basis for the creation of an artwork.

Every day, we experience stimuli that we usually ignore. Modern life attacks on our senses, and our body, implements the only defense mechanism that it has; not paying attention to the signals it receives what so ever. This limits both perception and pleasure we derive from our senses.

The Ancient Greek philosophers considered the human senses as “windows of the soul”. The senses, in connection with the mind and thought, provide information, thus creating a reflection and interpretation of the world.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to explore and capture the sense triggered by your research on the Greek islands, creating a piece, through your personal perception, thereby transferring information from the physical world to that of the mind.

The second edition of “The after Joya effect” is inspired by the uniqueness of physical experience in 6000 fragments.

1. Akis Goumas (Greece, 1952)
2. Alina Carp (Romania, 1967)
3. Amira Jalet (Costa Rica, 1972)
4. Angela Ciobanu (Romania, 1984)
5. Christina Karakalpaki (Greece, 1981)
6. Dora Haralambaki (Greece, 1966)
7. Edith Bellod (France, 1965)
8. Elin Flognman (Sweden, 1974)
9. Erato Kouloubi (Greece, 1976)
10. Eunmi Kwon (South Korea, 1976)
11. Florence Croisier (Switzerland, 1965)
12. George Giannoutsos (Greece, 1982)
13. Gigi Mariani (Italy, 1957)
14. Inbar Shahak (Israel, 1978)
15. Irene Palomar (Argentina, 1952)
16. Isabelle Busnel (France, 1965)
17. Ismini Pachi (Greece, 1984)
18. Jee Hye Kwon (South Korea, 1976)
19. Kalliope Theodoropoulou (Greece, 1987)
20. Liana Pattihis (United Kingdom, 1961)
21. Mala Siamptani (Cyprus, 1988)
22. Mihai Básoiu (Romania, 1983)
23. Niki Stylianou (Greece, 1968)
24. Steffi Götze (Germany, 1982)
25. Vasia Pachi (Greece, 1982)
26. Yannick Mur (France, 1963)
27. Zeta Tsermou (Greece, 1972)

Photo Credits: Alexis Kamitsos

Jorge Manilla Solo Exhibition – Beyond the limits II





“The after Joya Effect” is an Exhibition that took place at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space. It aimed to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing. It was inspired by the jewelry exchange in Project01 that held in Joya-Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair, 2013.
From 23/04/2014 – 30/06/2014, the project evolved in five solo exhibitions of Greek artists and one group exhibition of thirty five International artists. During the the exhibition the public voted for their favorite artist. The winner of “The after Joya Effect” First Edition is Jorge Manilla and his solo exhibition opens on the 17th of April 2015 at 19.00′.
Beyond the limits II
17 April 2015 – 9 May 2015

In the past few years, Jorge Manilla has created a personal style of work that is the result of his Mexican background and conceptual education in Europe. In his work, Manilla often manipulates a wide array of materials to make sense of the intricate and painful relationship people have with religion and the concept of the body.
Currently, he is simultaneously working as a tutor at Alchimia International School of Contemporary Jewellery in Florence Italy, as a teacher and a PhD researcher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp and of course as a professional Artist.
With this Exhibition, Manilla seeks to find the morphology of the ideas and explore how far he can go with the characteristics of the material during his creative process. How do thoughts arrive, what constructs them, what is their inspiration and how do they transform into material.
Jorge Manilla is interested in creating a confrontation between aesthetics and emotions, to investigate the body: visible, psychological or physical and to create very interesting jewelry as they are objects conceived from the human body.
Beyond the limits II, will show a selection of pieces made in the last 5 years by the visual artist and jeweler, created from the confrontation between the aesthetic and the emotional, from which the author claims to investigate and discover that dark side of humanity, which, in most of the cases, leads to destruction and to the brutality, either psychological or physical.

“Selected ” Exhibition
ALMA Contemporary Art Gallery

Having Popeye Loves Olive – Art Space, as a starting point, four jewelry designers, travel from Athens, to Trikala’s Alma Gallery, carrying in their luggage, unique pieces, designed especially for Joya International Art Jewelry Fair in Barcelona .
Their work is shown for the first time in Greece!

Selected Artists:

George Giannoutsos
Erato Kouloubi
Ismini Pachi
Vasia Pachi.


“Creativity Contest- Il gioiello si mette in posa”

“Creativity Contest – The Posing Jewel”
International competition -1st edition
The jury and the visitors to the exhibition are the judges of the competition.

1st prize goes to Iro Kaskani
for materials and forms that keep the right distance from conventional predictability

2nd prize goes ex aequo
to Mirka Janeckova by vote of the jury
and to Erato Kouloubi by vote of the public/visitors
Their jewels’ forms and materials were found to be particularly suitable for artistic macro photography.

-Criteria for Prize Awards:

Jewelry that are distinguished for their technical innovation and /or aesthetics and potential for adornment.
 Jewelry that beautify the person, and that transformed into images can become decorative elements and furnishings.

Photographs: Federica Cioccoloni

November 2014


 “Project Scheme”

The workshop “Jewelry and Metalwork” began with Angelica Komis, in 1997 through the educational programs of jewelry museum “Ilias Lalaounis”.
From an experiment with a group of students on an identical simplistic design pattern with a purpose different design outcome and potentially many extensions, she came to focus on individual forms, materials and special techniques “invited” to each of the design and not the revers, as traditionally was used in Greece,until then .
In 2007  Angelica Komis created a cultural center in Rio, Achaia and the first groups showed their works.

Until today, the workshop “Jewelry and Metalwork” creates  jewelry as objects of applied arts and gives to her group of students, different thematic work (projects), depending on the technological level. The workshop’s role is the promotion of jewelry in the area of applied-decorative arts, the birth of young artists and their evolution to a higher level.
The basic laboratory is independent. Is situated in the center of Patras and coordinated by Angelica Komis that works with multiple  artists and experts through various activities and seminars.

This is the first exhibition of the Students in Athens, Greece @ Popeye loves Olive – Art Space.


Aspasia Dimitrakopoulou
Ioanna Evangelopoulou
Athina Kokla
Marina Biza
Myrto Nikolakopoulou
Angeliki Rekouti
Angeliki Spiliotopoulou
Regina Tryfonopoulou
Xenia Tsironi


“The After – Joya Effect” – Exhibition 2014


Inspired by the JOYA – International Jewelry Exhibition in Barcelona, 6 Greek and 29 foreign jewelry designers, travel and meet again, this time at a new place, “Popeye Loves Olive – Art Space” in Athens. The aim of this encounter is the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.

Paulo Ribeiro, Co-Director at Le Département, the organization of JOYA Barcelona – Joyería Contemporánea, will open the exhibition.


1. Stephanie Bates – United Kingdom
2. Silvia Beccaria – Italy
3. Carlos Ignacio Bellante – Argentina
4. Edith Bellod – France
5. Isabelle Busnel – United Kingdom
6. Angela Ciobanu – Romania
7. Florence Croisier – France
8. Gabrielle Desmarais – Canada
9. Maria Diana – Italy
10. Doru Dumitrescu – Romania
11. Virginia Escobar – Colombia
12. Akis Goumas / Georgia Gremouti – Greece
13. Amira Jalet – Costa Rica
14. Christina Karakalpaki – Greece
15. Hiroko Kobayashi – Japan/Canada
16. Erato Kouloubi – Greece
17. Eun mi Kwon – South Korea
18. Jorge Manilla – Mexico
19. Gigi Mariani – Italy
20. Jose Marin – Spain
21. Andreia Rollot Miguel – Portugal
22. Victoria Münzker – Austria
23. Yannick Mur – France
24. Irene Palomar – Argentina
25. Liana Pattihis – United Kingdom
26. Silvia Piantini – Italy
27. Anna Puig – Spain
28. Lavinia Rossetti – Italy
29. Angela Simone – Italy
30. Yana Tankovska – Bulgaria
31. Maria Tsimpiskaki – Greece
32. Niki Stylianou – Greece
33. Barbara Uderzo – Italy
34. Violaine Ulmer – France

Project 01

During the first day, of “Joya Exhibition“, infinite thoughts crossed my mind.

Why was I there? And why were the others? What was that we share?

I started thinking what Paulo said..”that we create with our heart.” This was obvious in any work

shown in that room. Different designs, different materials, different colors, different dimensions.. all so different but still something was common.. Love. I went through the tables, I took a glance at the artists

and I thought “I want the bigger picture”. Feelings-expression-sharing-exchanging…….put the artist in front of the camera! How would it feel to see another artist wearing my jewelry and me wearing his? How could I reflect into that and how the others? I am always interested in reflections, especially when it comes to the viewer-furthermore, the reflections of an artist.

Who is our crowd?

Who are you now and who you will be in your next exhibition?

How easy is to wear and promote another artist’s work and how different is to promote yours?

How would you feel in front of the camera, as a “behind the scene”artist?

I went round and asked people if they wanted to be part of this small project.

The deal was :

You wear my jewelry  – I wear yours.

You choose what to wear – so am I.

You take my picture – I take yours.

..and so it happened.

In this amateurish feeling, I went on to make a small collage of the photos taken. I kept this spontaneous feeling in the whole project.

If we meet again, next year, maybe we can make it in a more professional way.

A big thanks to the all artists that gladly participated.

Without you, there would be no project.

Erato kouloubi

Rites Of Passage


Looking from a different prism, Elisavet Kapogianni((garment) and Erato Kouloubi (jewel), find a common way apart from fashion. With a self-sarcastic mood, they meditate on the symbolism and the vanity of the garment and the jewel, as far as the decoration of the human body is concerned. The project “Rites of Passage” is an installation in space, inspired from the ceremony of devolvement*. It is a trial to explore the semiotics of the garment and the jewel viewed as important relics of the world who is departing but also as necessary “passports” for the transition to another “state”, to a brand new world. After the “end” those objects reveal the human vanity but at the same time they symbolize a journey to a new beginning. A beginning that it is marked from this transition with only luggage what is highlighted every time as significant.

*Ceremony of transition, ceremonial fact or object which signals the transition of a person from one regime to another.

A group project by Elisavet Kapogianni and Erato Kouloubi 

Performer: Elena Metzelou

The Arch Window Exhibition  – London,U.K

Arch Window

We believe that young design talent needs a chance. To be noticed, heard and admired. We use our window in the railway arch as a gallery to showcase the work of graduates and established artists. We partner with St Martins, NDA, Loughborough University and fashion colleges and carefully curate every installation. If you are an artist or a designer and want to exhibit your work, please give us a call or drop us a line at

My installation represents the interior of a substructure made of iron bars in wooden blocks.
The inception of a building is as significant as the Platonic Solids, with the Cube representing Earth.

A.I.R. Artists In Residence
Apotheke Gallery
Paros, Greece

In the summer of 2011 we were in Parikia, the capital of Paros Island, invited by Apotheke Gallery, in the frame of the Artists in Residence (A.I.R.).
The initial artwork  “Sunbeam” was inspired by the subject “Sea, Sun, Sky” and depicts a sunbeam.

The second artwork, entitled “99 Gates and the Bloody Cross” was produced in situ. It was inspired by Panayia Ekatondapiliani (The Cathedral of the Virgin with the hundred Gates). It refers to the perpetual procedures we pass, the luminous and dark gates-phases we elapse, until we find the final gate (the hundredth) where the meaning of life lies.

99 Gates and the Bloody Cross


This piece was created for “Tools” Exhibition @ Taf (The Art Foundation) in Athens on December 2010.
Neckpiece – Oxidized Silver.

That is my tool.
From the very first contact I had with the art of jewelry .

Since everything is perishable in time, instead of trying vainly to perfect it, I use  its corruption by making fear creative.

Travelling in India for the first time, everything is new.
Endless images succeed one another.
The existence of woman in the Indian society was something unexpected.
The woman in every role; creative, leading, productive, familiar, hardworking, bread-winning..
The woman unfolding all her sides.
The woman in all her majesty.
With all her beauty.
Looking at you deeply.
Exchanging things with you.
One would expect the opposite
This exhibition is dedicated to all the women I met.
The woman as she should be..